Photos - Bits of Cairo in the daytime

Thanks to my ever-computerly-brilliant husband, I think I can now post pics:

The first one is of a typical Cairo apartment house. Not much to look at from the outside, but a) at least it's a complete building (see additional pictures), and b) it's similar to our's which is nice inside.

This second photo is of very typical Cairo apartment buildings -- which tend to be half finished. We've heard that the reason behind many of the structures never getting completed here is because once a building is finished, the government imposes taxes. Seems like a slightly illogical practice...

This is a road on the outskirts of Cairo. It was a holiday weekend, so don't assume that the roads typically look like this (in terms of traffic). I loved the casually placed, minorly hazardous collection of road obstacles -- large rock/small boulder next to gaping jagged hole. Driving in Cairo is like living a real-life video game with a large controller/joystick (some people call it a "car").

This is "Road 9" in Maadi, taken from the bridge (in a moving car). Doesn't show the true flavor, but just a taste.

Street scene in Cairo. Lots of little shops, crammed full of everything we could need and lots we think we might need.