Flora & Fauna (sans Merriweather)

For those who are interested in the local Egyptian flora and fauna, I know nothing. I know donkeys, feral cats, feral dogs, and camels (though I’m still waiting to kiss the latter). I have remarked several times that I’m surprised at the lack of animal-life. Even when we’ve taken forays into the desert, planned or unplanned, I have not seen anything. Now, I’m sure if I got out of the car and explored a bit, I might find some lizards or scorpions. I have heard of a bat cave fairly close by and will definitely check it out, but with the high rate of rabies in Egypt it’s strongly advised (and we follow it to the letter) to not interact with any stray dogs or cats, which also means no bat-kissing.

There are lots of birds here, but I’m going to have to get a guidebook to determine who and what they are as well.

Having said that, there are some beautiful flowers, bushes and trees here (again, I don’t know the names yet). At Ain Sukhna, in particular, there were gorgeous tropical flowers everywhere. For Mom, Tanya, Lori, Mary, Robin W. and Teresa, who I know love flowers, here are some pictures: