Pics of afore-mentioned sightings

I’ve been able to get some pictures of some of the fun things about (and will continue to acquire them and post as needed).

Typical Cairo taxi cab (circa 1972) – I haven’t been able to get a photo of the fur-covered dashboards yet, or the neon or strings of lights, but I’ll work on it.

American University in Cairo – although the entire campus will be moving outside of downtown soon, which is disappointing as we love their bookstore.

Tahrir Square – doesn’t really convey the crazed-traffic-feel as I would have liked, sorry.

Outdoor water stations (these were at one of the ancient churches we visited, but I’ve seen them around the city too) – note the chained metal cups – no, we have opted to NOT try these unless it becomes a matter of dire need, and it will NEVER become a matter of dire need.

Baby-carrying method (shoulder-perching).

Road-side tea-seller (these are similar containers to the ones “worn” by the guys around Tahrir).

Watermelon cart – note the full obaya and niqab clothing, too.

Corn sellers -- or men sitting around with a bunch of corn, not entirely sure.

Examples of mashrabiya window shutters (they come in furniture styles too, tables and chairs, and room screens with mother-of-pearl inlay are very popular).