Permanency is in Sight

Our move-in date to our permanent apartment in Zamalek of July 24th didn't really come to fruition. Although we did get our keys on that day and were able to confirm the finished paint job (love the bright yellow kitchen, the coffee-color works for the main room and halls creating a cozy cave-like feel, and the green in the bedrooms is ... very green. Not quite what I was envisioning, but that's my fault for being unable to picture the 2" square of color on a life-size room -- another skill to develop). In addition, Ron was able to confirm that very few, if any, of our electrical plugs are grounded. A work-order shall be submitted and we'll see what fun ensues with the electricians in Zamalek.

Our HHE shipment (large, big, everything sans cupcake wrappers) is scheduled for delivery tomorrow at 6:30am, so we will bound up the Corniche and meet them with joy and happiness (well, we'll be there at least to unlock the door). Then Tuesday we'll see if we can get the rest of our stuff from Maadi to Zamalek, including felines. Then it's unpack, organize, nest, settle, (get DSL) and enjoy our permanent home in Zamalek. (Pictures and tales to follow.)