In search of wildlife, green rolling hills & tofu pups

I scoot off for ten days to Wales tomorrow, with great eagerness at seeing Mom, family, and REAL wildlife (I may faint at the first sight of a squirrel or chipmunk, be forewarned). Unfortunately it’s not just a fun-trip, as I have a cousin and a Great Uncle (he really is a GREAT uncle) in the hospital, so we’re there to raise spirits and hopefully see them home.

It’s really the first time Ron and I will be apart since the wedding, other than a few days during the pack-out when he flew to Washington to finalize plans and I stayed in Ohio. So, as the husband-left-behind, he’s planning appropriately and has stocked the freezer with frozen pizzas and such, arranged for a friend to come over for “Prisoner” DVD marathons (I’ve been subjected to it once, which was enough), and I’m sure will spend countless hours as a dwarf/elf/sword-wielding-creature slaying all those need-to-be-killed monsters who live in the video games that can capture his rapt interest, whereas when I try to talk to him he whines that he can’t listen right now because he needs a sandwich. Maybe I should wield a sword and a pb&j next time?

Anyway, our housekeeper is coming while I’m away, so I know at least I won’t return to a disheveled heap with Ron, the four remote controls and two felines sleeping amidst it all.

I’m taking over some little tokens of Egyptian craftwork, a little clothing, my camera and some books, but have full intentions of bringing back some wonderful English vegetarian goods. The Brits far-exceed anyone else in the quantity of vegetarian food options, and my suitcase will happily house their endeavors. Yeah!

So, I shall return with photos and tales of another less-dusty (and apparently cold and rainy) world. Refreshed and ready to continue life in the Cairo World.