Lessons in Physics

Ron and I, admittedly, have very little collective knowledge of physics. However, we have enough to know that Cairo apparently exists within a physics-bending bubble.

During our drives and travels, two things continue to amaze and amuse: the ability of Egyptian women (I think I’ve only seen one or two men doing this) to carry packages of varying sizes, weights, and dimensions on their head seemingly effortlessly, and the lengths (and widths) to which Egyptians can pack a truck.

I’ve started collecting photos, when possible. So I will share what we have to date of transportation methods in Cairo:

One of my favorites, is the egg delivery man. It always brings to mind the gooey possibilities of one misfortunate traffic accident.

Furniture moving is often a family affair, despite a lack of seats.

I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure what this is. But I believe it's a truck laden with bags, upon bags, of bags.

Strawberries could also create quite a gooey mess, especially if colliding with an egg truck (see also the need, repeat NEED, to thoroughly wash local fruits and veg before eating -- but at the same time, I can greatly appreciate the lack of over-packaging).

Tree trimmings reaching maximum volume.

Tires, and men. We see a lot of human-perching going on, and it's not uncommon (though still gasp-inducing) to see children perched on top of various piles of items.

The most recent, and only-sighting to-date, was of a wedding procession. A minor variation on the rented-black-limo theme, this one employed three trucks. One carrying men and boys, one carrying women and girls, and the first carrying the bride and groom, standing amidst a highly energetic group of well-wishers with tambourines, drums and lots of joyous yelling. They were driving so fast that it was all Ron could do to try to catch up with them so I could snap some photos. Again, you can't help but think of the carnage from an accident, but thanks to the physics-bending bubble, everyone was okay.