I know, more damn trucks

I know, you’re probably all getting tired of seeing more wacky trucks. Well, tough. I’m not. As we left today for the commissary, Ron asked me if I really needed my camera. “Are you kidding?” I asked? Silly question. I’ll do more substantive posts, I promise, but I do love sharing the sights:

We see this all the time. Families (not always with three small children) piled on the motorbike, with mom usually riding sidesaddle at the back with a kid held in one arm. I hold my breath and keep all fingers crossed as long as they’re in sight.

Cardboard truck – and yes, there is a man sitting on top.

Propane trucks – always a breath-stopper to pass.

Two-by-fours – lots and lots of them!

Truck o’wool.

Maybe this is a delivery truck – with a delivery man (or a hitchhiker). But these little tiny Tonka trucks are zipping all over the place.

One comment from Ron wondering aloud what would happen if the wires snapped made me all the more delighted when we passed them.

Towering stacks of vegetable baskets.

Not really sure what these were – folding chairs?

Gaggles of gorgeous sheep and goats happily munching away on the side of the road – there’s another Eid coming up in early December, so I’m enjoying these sights while I can (and we’re making plans to leave Cairo for the upcoming Eid).