The Meeting of the Minds… or Paws

So we got the okay from the vet for Albert’s feline leukemia and feline aids test results (both negative), so we were finally set to arrange the big feline introductions.

I admit that I was a little nervous, considering Chuckles’ size and strength (I’ve never met a cat with a stronger grip, paw-wise and jaw-wise), however Chuckles doesn’t have a mean bone anywhere (some would argue he doesn’t have a bone, but there must be a frame of some kind under all that… muscle). As soon as we brought Albert out to the living room, Ricky dashed around the edge of the room hissing and secluded himself in our bedroom. Poor thing.

Chuckles, however, took on a more cautious, but curious, attitude and did a lot of watching at first as Albert zipped about squeaking a lot. Then Ron, a.k.a. The Instigator, got involved and suddenly there was forced interaction, with the help of a kitty toy.

For the most part, things are good, with some actual pounces performed by minute Albert on Chuckles, and chasing being instigated by both Chuckles and Albert (without the aid of Ron). Chuckles is being a great sport and while there have been a few heavy-handed smackdowns on Albert, they were nothing he couldn’t handle. We keep telling Chuckles to fully enjoy his new squeaky toy while he’s here.

So, for the next few months while Albert lives with us, we’ll be able to enjoy some kitten antics (lots of flops, spills and tumbles), and we can test our patience (mine is amazingly short-fused, but Albert does tend to enjoy being a parrot on my shoulder which gets old). He likes to launch himself at either of us when we’re standing, splatting against our leg like a Velcro-kitten from which he then proceeds to climb up us (we’re getting him used to getting his claws clipped). He screams incessantly if anyone is in the kitchen, goes near the kitchen or says the word kitchen (we need to break his “I’m-a-starving-street-kitten” mentality). He loves toys, which include Chuckles’ tail, was quite intrigued by his first Christmas tree, and is particularly fascinated with electrical wires (yummy and fun for chewing) and hot lightbulbs (which he tries to examine by climbing up inside the lamp). I’m thinking a lack of nutrition early may affect brain development.

All in all, he’s been a fun addition. And luckily Ricky is now willing to put up with him in the same room, though he tends to perch above him and glare; willing him to disappear with just the power of prayer.