Vacation Eve

So I was hoping to write and post my pyramids pics (which now include an escapade Ron, Ben and I had yesterday morning out to the Dashur Pyramids), but it’s Vacation Eve here and, no surprise, we’re not even packed yet (though things are strewn nicely about the bedroom, at least). So the pyramids will have to wait. Besides, does two weeks really matter in a 4,600 year life-span?

And I have to say that packing for a trip is such a fun study in how different parts of a marriage function. You have the expert procrastinator and the frantic finisher (you can guess which role Ron and I each fill), but in the end you both get out the door – with or without fussing, you decide.

But Rome and Florence beckon us, and we are thrilled to answer their call. So we will share all our exciting Italian exploits once we return in 10 days. Arrivederci!