The Message of the Ericsson Alien - (submitted by Ron)

Following his liberation from a mobile telephone shop in Cairo, the Ericsson Alien began promulgating its message of peace and love and harmony between humans, cats, and indeed all of creation. The word "Veiërggh", now a borrowed word in English (taken from the alien language), best approximates this concept of the Ericsson Alien's vision for how the world should be.

Upon being scrubbed of the Cairo grime with gentle dishwashing soap, the Alien told its new benefactors that it didn't think humanity was quite ready for its message, and announced that it has decided to start directly with the feline community, long known for their self-serving ways, anti-social behavior, and wanton destruction of household objects.

Behold the time for the Ericsson Alien's message has come!

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