Picture Pages – Daily Life in Cairo

Without fail, we manage to get at least one really fantastic photo during our weekly commissary runs (sometimes 30). So I thought I’d share some of our favorites.

First, our growing collection of cars, taxis, and stuffed-trucks, and yes, the first one is full of camels.

Houseplant delivery method, just don't turn quickly...

When you forgot rope or bungees, there's nothing better than good-old human determination (and long arms):

Ahh, fresh air-dried laundry...

Who needs Uhaul. Completely overrated:

And you can never get enough of the gargantuan limestone lorries...

Except when they happen to drop a load on an on-ramp...

Our collection of motorcycle scenes is also growing rapidly, and the "family" ones continue to be the most frightening, though the young girl on the back of this first bike seems completely non-plussed:

We saw this for the first time last weekend and fearing I hadn't been able to capture it Ron was willing to make a u-turn on the Corniche to chase it down, but luckily we have documented one of the remaining motorized banana cages..., possibly being driven by Santa Clause.

This one, while not a great photo I admit, is apparently Cairo's wool-delivery service:

The road-side carts and "stalls" or just crates or car hoods continue to offer all manner of fruits and vegetables, and the ever-present bread:

Yes, I believe this is a fresh garlic cart (though I'm not sure what the second guy is doing...)

You have your bananas (those that don't have to be caged, obviously):


Tea (yum! - not to mention it was on an 8-lane highway so you'd have to be feeling pretty desperate for a cuppa)

Straw, anyone?

And I'm not really sure what he's selling...

As much as we love the "mechanical" sights, it is the people and the daily life scenes that are certainly the most interesting: