Picture Pages - Just More Cairo

For fear that we become complacent in our physics-free, crazy-sightings world, I like to keep sharing some of our latest photographic captures (and please note that no Photoshop tricks were used to enhance these images, namely because I wouldn't know how, but also because they really don't need it).


Bicycles and motorcycles here are used, not only for transportation of bread (my favorite sighting), but also the family, and for delivery of practically any product that could fit, and even some that really couldn't.

This was only the second time I've seen this, but the first was on a bicycle. These are recently skinned pelts, probably from sheep and goats. And this folks, is reason number 3,462 why I'm a vegetarian.

We were delighted to find that the yummy koushary dish we love can be delivered. Though the idea of having it scooped out of a container welded to the back of a motorbike in congested polluted Cairo does take a bit of "yum" out.


Shops near the Khan (market) area:

The first SmartCar sighting in Cairo (at least by me)! Looks so cute and clean and efficient -- it'll never last.

I'm not sure what they sell here... (hubcaps, perhaps?)

I have been trying to get a photo of these few shops in a row that sell large industrial-sized heavy-duty bags. I think they're used by the trash collectors, but not sure. I have tons of photos of these stores, carefully hidden by strategically placed passing taxis, busses and donkey carts as we fly up the Corniche. So I was quite happy to have a clean view on this day. (Though I realize it's probably not as exciting for others.)

Bread for sale (at least it's not on the ground).

MOVING VEHICLES (trucks, carts, camels?)

These guys were heading directly onto a highway... ??

Look, a car without lights. I mean without ANY lights, or license plate, or possibly much else.

Trash collection in Cairo (you can't see it well, but someone's sitting on TOP of the "bag").

"Loofahs for sale! Come and get your loofah!"

Prince of the garlic mound?

Nice father-son bonding activity... but not for the faint-of-heart or those with nylon pants.

Toilet seats, gently nestled in soft straw for the long journey (there's probably a child in there somewhere, too).