For the Love of Penguins… and Cupcakes

Impulse purchases can be dangerous. You can find your bathroom drawers full of various Guaranteed-“painless”-hair-removal products or fifteen shades of hot-pink lip gloss with sparkles, or kitchen cupboards crammed with *Must Have!* chopper-mincer-dicer-slicers or plastic gadgets that Martha used with finesse and skill that you have forgotten whether they’re for pitting a grapefruit or making icing roses. Dangerous indeed.

In thinking about this post, I honestly have to admit that I don’t recall how I even found the book that started it all. But there it was in one of my regular-delivery Amazon boxes and I read through it with great delight and my inspiration juices were flowing.

So now I needed a reason to test my new-found hobby and our friend Ben’s birthday was the perfect occasion. And here is the end result: penguin cupcakes.

Now, they’re not as pretty as the ones in the book, but for my first attempt, and working within the somewhat limited options at the commissary, I was rather pleased.

They were received well (Ben looked like a 5-year-old being handed a Buzz Lightyear cupcake – only bigger and with facial hair (Ben, not the cupcake)), and I was told that the office enjoyed them as well.

Now that the bug has bitten, I’m looking forward to trying out others, as well as creating some new ones. Ron has put in a request for camel-cupcakes for his birthday. At least I have six months to figure those out.