Picture Pages

We're coming up on the festive end of Ramadan here -- Eid el Fitr. (I hope to get some photos this year... we'll see.)

In the interim, and while I'm still drafting up other posts, I'll share some more every-day pics of life in Cairo:

Delivery options: Yes, McDonald's delivers. No, we've never done it.

Local flower delivery method.

I loved this group. I saw them way across the street and managed to get one close up too. Women shopping and gabbing, truly universal.

(Not really a hat, a bag of bread disguised as a floppy hat.)

No idea what's up with the paper cone hat. ?!?

During the summer you see these all over the place. I call them "Tea Carts" but they're probably selling hibiscus juice instead of hot tea (we haven't tried them yet).

LOVED THIS!! I've been trying to capture one of these for nine months now. It's a bicycle cart selling roasted sweet potatoes. Again, have not tried one, but I vow to this Fall/Winter. I just find them utterly delightful (in a sooty, rusted kind of way).

Gotta love the trucks!

Seating is NEVER an issue... ??!?(If you look closely, there are people perched on top or hanging off the sides.)