Cupcakes in Cairo

So we've had a few birthdays lately and my desire to play with cupcakes beyond penguins has taken over.

Now, they're no "Martha" cupcakes, but they tasted good and looked... well... colorful.

The first batch were supposed to be pink flamingos, but the laffy taffy I used to mold their necks and heads slowly fell over, so within 15 minutes they were all napping flamingos. I did try to place a fez on one or two, but with the extra weight they were definite nappers.

My next endeavor was camels -- it really was inevitable. So I used Twinkies (even though their not vegetarian, which just meant I didn't eat any) for the heads and humps, and if you look closely, each camel head has corresponding two hump-cupcakes behind it. Yes, I had some color issues (how do you make beige, or rather, how do you make a second batch of beige to match the first??).

Anyway, I'm sure there will be more cupcake antics to come. Until I flit to my next hobby, of course.