With a Whimper

(Written December 31, 2011) To mis-quote T.S. Eliot, “This is the way the [year] ends: Not with a bang but a whimper.” And I’m okay with that.

Our riotous New Year’s Eve activities this year may have surpassed any past or even future pathetic activities we may have for the next several decades. I’ll blame it on the rotten cold I got 48 hours earlier, which left me sniffly, achey, and whiney. And which subsequently left my husband with lots of free time to mutter “stupid pigs” and “how did I just mortgage that?” into his SmartPhone (with Angry Birds and Monopoly being the latest addictions).

We did manage to stumble up to our roof with minutes to spare before midnight, where we got a lovely view of several fireworks displays all around us (some just a little too close for my husband’s comfort, so he blamed the “cold weather” on his desire to go back inside, where we watched from the safety and "warmth" of our family room).

I have to admit that I was quite pleased to see some recognition of the delineation between this year past and the one to come. Not just because Cairo failed to acknowledge it at all (in the last three years, we were lucky if we heard a neighbor hoot or a local woman offer up her ululation. to mark the “midnight” moment), but also because I’m more than ready to walk away from 2011 and dive right in to 2012.

To say 2011 was fraught with stress could be a contender for understatement of the year. Yes, every year brings heartache and disaster, pain and suffering, but personally 2011 ranks at the highest for me. And my dentist will agree, pointing out that the grinding and acid reflux have completely worn down my teeth and practically dissolved my enamel (and I doubt “Arab Spring revolution” qualifies under our dental insurance for pretty new crowns).

But then again, we had the most miraculous news of our child coming next February (via adoption), and we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, and all our friends and family are safe and healthy, and we did get to spend time with all our friends and family over the summer. But most of all, we survived, stronger than ever. And for that, I am thankful, grateful, and very appreciative (though not necessarily willing to do it all over again).

So as we creep into 2012 ahead of the U.S. folks, we’re sending all our love to everyone for a wonderful 2012 full of miracles, magic and blessings, with peace and kindness reaching out to all corners of the Earth.