Goodall piece – Reactions

Goodall piece – Reactions
Ron shared my Goodall musings with his co-workers, many of whom were unnamed participants in the aforementioned activities. Apparently the two comments to Ron (following admiration of my keen observational skills and exemplary writing ability – which I deduced from the “Good job!” responses), were:
“Where are you in ‘The Battle for Middle Earth’ game?”
(I feel a strong need to insert the word, “Dude” at the end of that sentence, but I wouldn’t want to misrepresent things.) And:

“She spelled ‘Dúnedain’ wrong.”

(Which was also Ron’s first comment. And let me say here that Blogger has some limitations with fonts, bolding, italicizing and accent marks, so I apologize for not noticing that the accent over the “u” was left out of an IMAGINARY word.)

So, I say thank you to the IT Department for continuing to add fodder to my ever-growing collection of “Bewildering Male Comments.” Keep it coming guys!