"Goodall" Moments – Reactions

Ron shared my Goodall musings with his co-workers, many of whom were unnamed participants in the aforementioned activities. Apparently the two comments to Ron (following admiration of my keen observational skills and exemplary writing ability – which I deduced from the “Good job!” responses), were:

“Where are you in ‘The Battle for Middle Earth’ game?”

(I feel a strong need to insert the word, “Dude” at the end of that sentence, but I wouldn’t want to misrepresent things.) And:

“She spelled ‘Dúnedain’ wrong.”

(Which was also Ron’s first comment. To which I reply, that yes, I did fail to notice that the misspelling appeared on the e-mail version but is correct on the blogger.com version. I don’t know why, but maybe an, I don’t know, IT guy, could explain why it didn’t transfer. Regardless, I apologize for not noticing that the accent over the “u” was left out of an IMAGINARY word.)

So, after discovering that the muscle used to roll one’s eyes can actually be strained, I say thank you to the IT Department for continuing to add fodder to my ever-growing collection of “Bewildering Male Comments.” Keep it coming guys!